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Protect the elderly with these compact yet powerful air sterilisers

  • Eliminates 99.9999% of all respiratory viruses and bacteria, including coronavirus and influenza

  • Reduces the risk of infection and disease

  • Improves air quality for residents and staff

Safer, cleaner air for the most vulnerable

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It's all about providing a better quality of life for care home residents. We want to keep them safe from illnesses – not least colds and flu, but the units also remove unpleasant odours and improve the resident's overall environment.

– Eoghan Cunningham, CEO of Clean Air Ireland


Thin Stripes

VK 401

  • Desktop or wall-mounted for a neat and stylish look

  • Perfect for larger rooms up to 60 m2

  • Suitable for resident bedrooms, corridors, bathrooms, common areas, larger offices and reception areas

  • Powerful yet affordable

VK 401-lifestyle.jpg
Thin Stripes


  • All the Viruskiller(TM) technology in one compact desktop unit

  • Perfect for areas up to 20 m2

  • Suitable for resident bedrooms, reception desks, offices, lifts and small common areas

  • Simply plug and play

Thin Stripes

VK 103

  • Freestanding unit

  • Perfect for areas up to 100m2

  • Suitable for dining halls, recreation rooms and other larger common areas

  • Opportunity for advertising revenue


What makes the Viruskiller technology unique?

  • A powerful combination of mechanical filters and advanced sterilisation technology

  • A guarantee that pathogens are destroyed on first pass through the device

  • Airflow control so that clean, sterilised air is pushed into the breathing zone, whilst contaminated air is drawn away

Any questions?

Our team of experts is here to help

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