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About Us

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Established by brothers Donal and Eoghan Cunningham in 2020, Clean Air Ireland imports and distributes the world’s most effective clean air system, the Radic8 VIRUSKILLER.

Donal, the more technically minded brother, has an established business installing industrial solar panels and lighting. He manages the installation, technical and service aspects of the business.

Eoghan’s background as an commodity and energy broker and trader may not have the traditional background for air sterilisation but he does have a dentist wife.
It was clear early on that the spread of COVID was airborne and dentistry generates lots of airborne particles, therefore a very risky activity. A group of dentists in the UK, researched the available technology and concluded that the VIRUSKILLER technology was by far the best solution globally in terms of protecting staff and patients.  

Eoghan and Donal conducted similar research and concluded the same thing; the VIRUSKILLER technology is the best available globally in dealing with airborne transmission and keeping us safe and is applicable in any indoor environment and not just dental studios. The VK technology also helps reduce transmission of colds, flu and eliminates the root causes of respiratory illnesses such as COPD and asthma caused by indoor air pollution.

The VIRUSKILLER technology was developed by four universities in South Korea in conjunction with the government specifically to deal with airborne transmission after the 2003 SARS epidemic (SARS CoV-1). With over 370,000 VK installations including in over 80% of hospitals and schools, South Korea has managed to keep the COVID pandemic in check.

Clean Air Ireland was born with the first installations in September 2020 and a steady stream of clients since then.  


Chief Executive Officer, Clean Air Ireland

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